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Is this man serious?

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…if somebody came to me and said we have got some intelligence information which suggests that young people are being used in a particular way and we need to be able to address that, one might well come back in those circumstances with that sort of advice and say we need to look at this again…

says AG Ruddock, Australia’s poster-boy for due process.

‘This’ being allowing kids as young as 12 to be strip searched and questioned about terrorist threats.

I’m sorry, but why are we still even talking about this?

Oh, that’s right, because the foreign policy agenda of the Howard/Downer regime has made this country into legitmate targets from terrorists. Woops, brain like a sieve over here.

And obviously there’s no point in trying to stop terrorism by fixing its social causes of poverty, imperialism, marginalisation and endless hopelessness; we just have to make sure we can force pre-teens to spill the beans on any impending attacks (about which our brilliant intelligence agencies have found real, accurate information).


Written by Sunili

24 October 2004 at 4:12 pm

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