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Voting Bush = You’re Stupid

(unless I like you, in which case it’s still not ok…) Posted by Hello


Written by Sunili

14 November 2004 at 9:09 pm

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  1. Gold!

    This wraps it up beautifully too …
    US Election 2004: Results listed by average IQ

    1. Connecticut [Kerry]
    2. Massachusetts [Kerry]
    3. New Jersey [Kerry]
    4. New York [Kerry]
    5. Rhode Island [Kerry]
    6. Hawaii [Kerry]
    7. Maryland [Kerry]
    8. New Hampshire [Kerry]
    9. Illinois [Kerry]
    10. Delaware [Kerry]
    11. Minnesota [Kerry]
    12. Vermont [Kerry]
    13. Washington [Kerry]
    14. California [Kerry]
    15. Pennsylvania [Kerry]
    16. Maine [Kerry]
    17. Virginia [Bush]
    18. Wisconsin [Kerry]
    19. Colorado [Bush]
    20. Iowa [Bush]
    21. Michigan [Kerry]
    22. Nevada [Bush]
    23. Ohio [Bush]
    24. Oregon [Kerry]
    25. Alaska [Bush]

    … and then the bottom 25 all went to Bush. I guess the “stupid” question has been answered.

    Happy Blogging

    Cheers Isaak …


    15 November 2004 at 9:13 am

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