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I feel like the mother from Home Alone.


Last week heralded the announcement of a raft of legislative amendments to remove discrimination against same-sex couples in areas such as super, tax and medicare. Hurrah, we cheered, accepting that this important step towards equality for all Australians was important in its practical, real-life applications even though the who ‘gay marriage’ thing is still a hot tamale.

But did Rev Kev really tell the ACT they are are NOT allowed to legislate for civil union ceremonies yesterday? Wait, he actually, seriously, honestly “warned the ACT government [he] would use Commonwealth powers to scuttle any laws to introduce civil partnerships in Canberra on the grounds it would too closely mimic marriage“?

WTF, Kevin? W. T. F?

Apparently the ACT is allowed to have a ‘relationship register’, which means the unions are legally recognised, but, apparently, letting same-sex couples gather in front their families and friends to commit themselves to each other is the gateway drug to ruining the moral fibre of society ergo must be outlawed.

W. T. F?

Not only is this completely hypocritical considering:

  1. they’re “removing discriminatory laws” one week but overturning other laws aimed at removing discrimination the next;
  2. they’re using the same power from s35 of the ACT Self Government Act 1998 (Cth) Howard used in 2006 to effectively ban “gay marriage”, to which the ALP was vehemently opposed;
  3. last year KRudd expressly said that in relation to civil unions, “state and territory governments are elected to govern and are accountable to their constituencies. The ACT Government’s indicated it wishes to head in a particular direction and the ACT Government is therefore in a position to be accountable to its citizenry for that.” [link] [another],

it’s ab-safrickinglutley crap. Did I mention it is hypocritical? Fark.

Shame, Kevin, shame.

He has clearly been ignoring this Facebook group:

Written by Sunili

5 May 2008 at 12:26 pm

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