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SO a couple of weeks ago I had a bunch of blood-tests, some for routine check-ups, others for the fact I’m always tired and needed to have my iron levels checked blah-di-blah, but I also had this new fadangled test for coeliac disease.

I’ve been kinda busy (and so had the doctor’s office when I ran up to get my results) so I didn’t actually get a hold of them til today, after my highly enjoyable (NOT) weekend of floppy-gluten-free-dud-croissant-making.

As it turns out, I do NOT have coeliac disease, as previously thought following a blood-test from two years ago.

I may be slightly gluten-intolerant, which is apparently different, but this means that I am allowed to eat gluteny things occasionally as long as I don’t over-do it on the Big Macs and Domino’s and KFC in consecutive meals.

Which I also probably shouldn’t do since I have elevated triglycerides (slightly uh-oh since I’m a twentysomething, and all). That’s the only available option for me to cut my reading on those, because I can’t exactly lose any more weight or drink any less alcohol, can I? 😛

But yes, this is all rather le sigh considering the croissant escapade and the fact I have finally found a gluten-free muesli I like after nearly two years of experimenting with the whole eating-really-expensive-shredded-cardboard thing AND have become addicted to Tiger Tiger‘s delectable non-glutenous brownies.

But I suppose those are all good things.

And it means I can enjoy $9.95 pizza or pasta at The Moon before The Thrills @ Amps tonight.



Written by Sunili

10 June 2008 at 1:27 pm

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