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So in the season one finale of 30 Rock (AWESOME SHOW, btw) Liz Lemon says “blerg” about fifty seven times (approx.) to signify that things are going rather lamely right now.

That word completely describes this week. I have had the killer bug from hell hanging out in my sinus cavity since Sunday, and, as Aunty Pauline would say, I don’t like it.

A bunch of kids from work went down with it; my entire family has it; partners of people have it; people that work with partner’s of people who have it have it, and so have their partners.

If this bug was a marketing campaign, whoever thought it up would totally be ready to retire right now. Forget about the Leave Britney Alone Guy and the Montauk Monster; this is viral doing what viral does best.

I am convinced that the entire city will be buried in scrunched up snotty tissues within a few days.

Where is the disaster preparedness system, though?


I may have been watching too much of the X-Files recently (stay tuned for a Guest Post @ the lovely Sandie Law’s Geeked Off! blog on that subject), but as the Varanus “gas crisis” reminded us, as the 2004 tsunami reminded most of South and South-East Asia, there is pretty much nothing we can do with the proverbial excrement hits the wind-agitator affixed to the ceiling.

We all get covered in crap (or giant waves, or blankets cause we can’t turn the heater on) and we can do nothing about it.

Makes you worry, doesn’t it?

Sorry for the gloomy post.

I highly appreciate sick leave, though, so there’s a blessing to count. I am going to set up my CPSU membership stat. (We might be getting back pay from FEBRUARY! SQUEEEE! New iPod nano, mayhaps?)


Written by Sunili

14 August 2008 at 7:23 pm

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  1. 6 March for the back pay – still a rough deal for public servants though. The ‘pay rise’ is really a ‘pay indexation’ that is, public servants will not be getting an increase in the relative salaries, just an amount that covers the increased cost of living.

    The lump sum in back pay will no doubt be helpful for many families.


    14 August 2008 at 9:33 pm

  2. By the way – did you have your flu shot this year? that ‘blerg’ you mention sounds a lot like the version of influenza sweeping the city – It hit me like a bus for a whole day and a half before the antibodies remembered that they were supposed to be getting busy.


    14 August 2008 at 9:35 pm

  3. Hey Grendel, yep, I *did* have the flu shot. It gave me the flu two days after I got it, and it’s been pretty darn useless ever since šŸ˜›

    Re the pay rise — Oh. Now I feel bad to be dreaming of iPods. Onwards to the Home-Deposit savings account, then!


    15 August 2008 at 8:31 am

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