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Apparently there’s an American Kath & Kim coming out in a couple of days. The producers must’ve been shirted off that they didn’t get Sarah Palin to star as Kath… I can kinda imagine her and Bristol shopping at Ice-Fountain Gate, and her accent has the perfect comedic effect.  But maybes that’ll be something for Tina Fey to do on SNL when the McCain camp admits that letting her do interviews with Katie Couric was a Really. Bad. Idea?

ANYWAY. What was I going to say? Oy. Stream-of-consciousness blogging was probably a bad idea.

Oh yeah, so.  During my “hiatus” (or, more actually, last night, when I couldn’t sleep. Again) I was thinking that I need to define this blog properly.  ‘Cause seriously. WTF am I doing here?

Rogue Ink’s impending-relaunch post yesterday got me thinking about defining a blog’s purpose and existence and stuff. I did the break, I even sneakily changed the layout (like, three times) but then I just came back (mainly because I just had too much to say) without actually thinking about what exactly I am trying to do here.

So here I am, thinking aloud (in the sound of typing?) and having a good, hard look at my blog.

I mentioned that this was supposed to be for “serious” posts and stuff… but, in all seriousness, what do I think this is? Time/The Economist? Pssh.

It’s not like I rely on SEO (oooh! Fancy Geeklish!) or hits or getting/keeping readers to earn a living. I just have shit to say, and here, I don’t get offended if nobody reads it.  Mainly because I have low expectations.

While I always have something to say on things like politics and media, there is this overwhelming tendency for me to relate how I feel about an issue and, since this is MY Blog I can’t see why I need to pretend to be serious.

I can be serious at work and stuff (like, if I want to submit serious articles to other serious places) but this is my me space.  And I’m usually not very serious.

So that’s that.  I’m not going to self-censor myself and cut out the self-indulgent rambling that I may/will want to, from time to time, indulge in for the sake of pretending that this blog is serious.  All you readers are hereby warned.

There’s just this one caveat: I promise I won’t turn this into my LiveJournal. We’re well over the early Noughties, so that’s that.  I will at least try to relate the incessant me-rambling to serious-ish issues, even if the effect is not so serious.

In the immortal words of Heath’s Joker, “Why So Serious?”.  (That quote would have probably been a better choice for title to this post. Meh.)


Written by Sunili

2 October 2008 at 7:33 pm

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