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The Cookster wrote a post today about a journo at The Age who stretched the truth about a pic of Richie Benaud… there was this pic that was on The Perth Files and The Worst of Perth several weeks ago, right, but the colunmist thought no one would mind if he said the snap was co-inki-dinkly taken “a few days ago”, ie a few days before the old chap’s birthday (which is in another few days).

Well I’ve got another story ferr ya!

There was a raucous in the rags this morning (The Herald Sun, SMH, The Age, even the ABC!) about the OUTRAGE! (™ David Cohen) over the title of a play at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Beaconsfield: A Musical In A-Flat Minor is apparently a piss-take satire over the media circus around the fatal mine collapse in Tasmania couple of years ago (Kochy and Mel, Richard Carlton), and the fun-police were having quite the go over how insensitive the title choice is.

Creator Dan Ilic, one of the team behind the AWESOMENESS that is The Ronnie Johns Half Hour (full name The Ronnie Johns Good Times Campfire Jamboree Half Hour Show (Now on Television)), was quoted as saying he hoped the “offensive” title would gain media attention.

I wish he’d also said they should all “harden the fuck up“, but Ilic isn’t the guy behind Chopper, so I won’t hold the omission against him.

Anyway, later this afternoon, one of the headlines on ABC was Playwright caves on Beaconsfield musical title (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Especially since the inquest into the death at the mine is still on and stuff, it probably makes sense.

Good job, media! You changed the world!!!!!!!!!!!

Or did they?

On Ilic’s website, the “news” section lists the following [chronological order changed for dramatic effect]:

6th August 08
We haven’t even opened Beaconsfield, and we’re already getting bad press. Excellent!
Check out The Age article here. Beaconsfield; A musical in a-flat minor opens on wednesday night in workshop mode. It’s a pretty funny show, come see it before we patch it up and send it off to the Adelaide fringe.

7th August 08
In light of recent events, and in respect for Larry Knights family, we’ve the changed the name of the show to simply; Beaconsfield; The Musical.
I still maintain that it’s still “The feel-good piss-take event of the year!”

So wait. WHAT?

All the OUTRAGE! (™ David Cohen) happened TWO MONTHS AGO??

But the ABC is only reporting it NOW, the day before the show opens?

I guess that makes the following quote even more awesome:

“That title is purely there just to gain media interest in our musical,” [Dan Ilic] said. “So congratulations, you’ve done your job.” (ABC)

Hahaha SATIRICAL GOLD!! I want to go to Melbourne right now to see it.

No. Wait. Now I am even MORE confused: the link from the 6 August blog post on Ilic’s site (link to screen cap taken today) goes to a story dated 6 October in the URI but listed as 7 October (today). So wait. WHAT? It did all happen today?

That totally makes this whole post pointless.

DAMMIT. Damn you and your shoddy website skillz (dude also needs to work on apostrophes and Proper Noun Capitalisation), Dan Ilic, I thought you were leading me to post something awesome and observant about the sneakiness of the “meedya“.

Oh well. At least The Cookster got one up the bastards. That’s still one for the team.

Written by Sunili

7 October 2008 at 5:39 pm

2 Responses

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  1. I love your use of brackets, the trademark symbol and bold fonts.

    Stop working for judges and start writing full-time!

    David Cohen

    7 October 2008 at 6:59 pm

  2. How very exciting to get a Google Alert that references both The Perth Files and Teh ‘Rage!

    DC, it’s time you stopped writing full time an focused solely on the octopus trade. I’m sure you could fling a few shackles to the powers that be and have exclusive use of the Rotto Barge to ply your trade.


    8 October 2008 at 11:03 am

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