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the media and timewarps

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The Cookster wrote a post today about a journo at The Age who stretched the truth about a pic of Richie Benaud… there was this pic that was on The Perth Files and The Worst of Perth several weeks ago, right, but the colunmist thought no one would mind if he said the snap was co-inki-dinkly taken “a few days ago”, ie a few days before the old chap’s birthday (which is in another few days).

Well I’ve got another story ferr ya!

There was a raucous in the rags this morning (The Herald Sun, SMH, The Age, even the ABC!) about the OUTRAGE! (™ David Cohen) over the title of a play at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Beaconsfield: A Musical In A-Flat Minor is apparently a piss-take satire over the media circus around the fatal mine collapse in Tasmania couple of years ago (Kochy and Mel, Richard Carlton), and the fun-police were having quite the go over how insensitive the title choice is.

Creator Dan Ilic, one of the team behind the AWESOMENESS that is The Ronnie Johns Half Hour (full name The Ronnie Johns Good Times Campfire Jamboree Half Hour Show (Now on Television)), was quoted as saying he hoped the “offensive” title would gain media attention.

I wish he’d also said they should all “harden the fuck up“, but Ilic isn’t the guy behind Chopper, so I won’t hold the omission against him.

Anyway, later this afternoon, one of the headlines on ABC was Playwright caves on Beaconsfield musical title (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Especially since the inquest into the death at the mine is still on and stuff, it probably makes sense.

Good job, media! You changed the world!!!!!!!!!!!

Or did they?

On Ilic’s website, the “news” section lists the following [chronological order changed for dramatic effect]:

6th August 08
We haven’t even opened Beaconsfield, and we’re already getting bad press. Excellent!
Check out The Age article here. Beaconsfield; A musical in a-flat minor opens on wednesday night in workshop mode. It’s a pretty funny show, come see it before we patch it up and send it off to the Adelaide fringe.

7th August 08
In light of recent events, and in respect for Larry Knights family, we’ve the changed the name of the show to simply; Beaconsfield; The Musical.
I still maintain that it’s still “The feel-good piss-take event of the year!”

So wait. WHAT?

All the OUTRAGE! (™ David Cohen) happened TWO MONTHS AGO??

But the ABC is only reporting it NOW, the day before the show opens?

I guess that makes the following quote even more awesome:

“That title is purely there just to gain media interest in our musical,” [Dan Ilic] said. “So congratulations, you’ve done your job.” (ABC)

Hahaha SATIRICAL GOLD!! I want to go to Melbourne right now to see it.

No. Wait. Now I am even MORE confused: the link from the 6 August blog post on Ilic’s site (link to screen cap taken today) goes to a story dated 6 October in the URI but listed as 7 October (today). So wait. WHAT? It did all happen today?

That totally makes this whole post pointless.

DAMMIT. Damn you and your shoddy website skillz (dude also needs to work on apostrophes and Proper Noun Capitalisation), Dan Ilic, I thought you were leading me to post something awesome and observant about the sneakiness of the “meedya“.

Oh well. At least The Cookster got one up the bastards. That’s still one for the team.

Written by Sunili

7 October 2008 at 5:39 pm

[Movie Review] The X-Files: I Want to Believe

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Let me say at the outset: No, it wasn’t better than The Dark Knight.

But, as a self-confessed X-Phile (I adimitted to The Boyfriend last night that when I was 15 I used to have a fansite — on Geocities… ah the memories!!) … I FRICKING LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Chris Charter, what a champ. This movie, as I mentioned in my tweet on the way out of the cinema, was gratuitous, self-indulgent fluff.  I am pretty sure if he wasn’t CHRIS CARTER and didn’t have his own production company, no dope in Hollywood would touch the script… but he made the movie for himself and like-minded fans, and for that I salute him 🙂

Teehee what jolly good fun!!

The Boyfriend says I owe him big-time for making him sit there (“That is two hours of my life I will never get back”, et cetera) but I submit that I totally said he didn’t have to see it with me since he had no idea what was going on.

Sqeeee! LOVED IT!

That is all 🙂

Written by Sunili

31 July 2008 at 7:32 am

a night at the theatre

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I have decided that once I am all grown-up and fabulous, I am going to be a fabulous patron of the thee-ette-ture. You have to pretend that you’re hearing me say that in a fabulous posh accent.

Plays are simply fabulous and I really do believe they are unbelievably under-rated.

I went to a play last night with my lovely friend C (who I have just decided I am going to call C in true Gossip Girl style because she is just too fabulous to be referred to by a whole name, just as Madonna, Prince and Beyoncé are too fabulous to be referred to by a first name and a last name) and we had a marvelous time.

The production was The Female of the Species by Joanna Murray-Smith and it was put on by the Black Swan Theatre Company at the Playhouse.

I absolutely love the Playhouse — our high school musicals were put on there and I have spent many a night backstage rigging up microphones and running around with props and stage-managing schtuff.  (I consider myself to be an ugly duckling and I stand by that, rather the fact that I am not talented on the stage, as my excuse for never actually performing.)  So in addition to the intimacy of the place as a small-er venue, there’s lots of nostalgia there for me, too.

While I did drama at school all the way from 8 to 12, I don’t recall ever seeing a decent theatre production while I was at uni. That is a horrible realisation for me. I suppose part of it was due to the fact I was broke, broke, flat-broke though most all of uni, but it’s horrible because I just LOVE plays, and how every facet of them just adds to their aforesaid fabulousness.

I have said fabulous a lot in this post, haven’t I? Too bad if it’s ticking you off; it’s my word of the day.

As a super geek, I did super well in my TEE Drama Studies exam because there was more marks involved in the theory side than the performance side.

The theory aspect of plays — text and context and all that palaver — is possibly just as meaty as it is for book-form literature, but I just adore the way all the non-verbal, visual, aural and production aspects of theatre can tie in to create just this amazing diorama of cultural-studies goodness.

Take Oh! What a Lovely War for instance, which is quite possibly my favourite production — ouuuuf, it makes me shudder to think about the way it portrays the absurdities and waste and horridness of war. The irony is just emphasized on so many levels — the script, the songs, the visual projections, the pierott costumes!! Fabulous!!!

The Female of the Species was just as clever. No songs or slide-shows, mind you, but oh — the wit! And what fabulous performances! We were cheap lucky enough to to to a preview, so there was just so much energy with the freshness, which I reckon really added to it.

Opening night is tonight, it runs til 6 July, and I reckon all and sundry should go! (Tickets through BOCS — look how easy I’ve made it for you!)

I suppose one of the reasons I loved it so much is because it was about the whole debate about womens’ purpose in life and the development of the entire concept of feminism as it has evolved and affected society over the decades. Highly near and dear to my and C’s hearts. Fabulous.

That was my second visit to the theatre in as many months and I have officially decided that theatre is going to be my Thing. Everyone needs a Thing — some people might have a sport or drinking a bottle-cap collection or a cult or a crafty-type hobby… I’m going to go to lots of plays!

Fabulous 😉

Written by Sunili

24 June 2008 at 6:19 pm