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eating: leftover lunch for dinner (veg korma and chick pea curry from the Indian place in Paragon 160)

regretting eating: 3 Krispy Kremes (1.5 Original Glazed, 1 Chocolate Iced Creme Filled, 0.5 Cinnamon Apple) (The Boyfriend went to Melbs on work junket and brought them back for me– he is so lovely! But I am seriously questioning accuracy of previous blood test which told me I am not gluten intolerant. But maybe I am just too-much-sugar-and-trans-fat intolerant?)

nursing: a sore hip from when I slipped over (quasi-splits, at that; it was rather the spectacle, I am sure) in the middle of the Hay Street Mall at lunch time on Friday (yeah, I am so the epitome of Grace and Poise.  Not only was it the usual-lunchtime-crowd-busiest-time-of-the-day — it was also school holidays).

waiting: for all my payment summaries so I can get my funken tax return (oh bless you $39,824 HELP repayment threshold!)

planning: all the glorious ways in which to spend aforementioned tax return (pay off credit card, pick up cute purple dress currently on lay-by at Cue, sponsor children in Cambodia/Vietnam, put rest into high interest savings account etc… NOT go to the new Tiffany’s in King Street when it opens on Thursday…)

wondering: if I should bother getting a copy of Grazia.  Or I should just wait to check it out in a doctor’s waiting room next year?

reading: Breath by Tim Winton (reeeeeeeally, really good!)

A final note: The Dark Knight still rocks; three days later. If I wasn’t going to see Lenny Henry tonight I’d be at Piccadilly quicker than you can say Maggie Gyllenhaal (my hip hurts — I can’t walk very fast; plus I have to be careful not to fall over in Hay Street AGAIN). It’s so good I would pay full price to see it again, and I am slightly put off that I have to wait til tight-arsed Tuesday, but so be it. Better tomorrow than Wednesday (since Thursday is when The X-Files movie opens).

If you haven’t already seen this movie… what, The. FRICK are you doing reading this goshdarn blog?  Get up off your booties and go see it now. NOW!!!

Tomorrow: is The Dark Knight the best movie of the year? No. It is the best movie of CENTURY (til X-Files comes out) (nah, kidding, even I have to admit that I Want to Believe will probably not top this).

Also tomorrow: is The Dark Knight really a metaphor about how Obama will be the next President of the USA? Oh no wait. That was Hancock, apparently.

Instead tomorrow: Did I mention that I am freaking OBSESSED WITH THAT Dark Knight MOVIE?? Holy shite. I now understand why people were going a little loco about the whole thing last week. Ficking awesome. AWESOME.

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21 July 2008 at 6:29 pm


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pleased that tomorrow is Buss JA Day.


Possession: A Romance by A S Byatt (still… it’s dense. But good).


I had taken the fact that the first batch of cupcake-icing looked kinda dodgy as indication that it needs to be fixed, rather than slathered on cupcakes only to end up going all gross overnight.


another long weekend.


on going to bed early tonight.


SATC movie talk, because the hype is for all the wrong reasons (i.e. none of the reasons for which I enjoyed watching the show — on DVD, after it went off air and stopped being “trenday”).


Underbelly [Uncut] (and secretly — well, not so secretly — wanting to tell Roberta Williams that she’s a bloodyfucking legend who is now officially on my Kick Arse Women Heros list).


wonderful, wonderful, wonderful M.

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4 June 2008 at 6:01 pm

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excited to get to use the awesome goodness that is wordpress to write my blog with. Blogger is boring and useless.


Possession: A Romance by A S Byatt. It has been a while since I read “literature” and this is rich with book-geek goodness. 


five games of Scrabulous on le Facebook.


about going home to do some yoga. But that means I also have to cook dinner.


Orgran gluten-free tomato soup. Ok, drinking.


for Rudd & Swanny’s first budget!


all those lost souls from Burma and s.e. China to be well and happy in the next part of their journey.

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13 May 2008 at 5:45 pm

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