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the new poltwittical frontier

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A little while ago Malcolm Turnbull jumped on the Twitter bandwagon (although not before a tech-savvy satirist got in first) and now, with the launch of the re-branded Kevin07 for 2008,, old Uncle Kevin has joined in on the fun.

Within hours, of course, @FakeKevinRudd was on board too.

And Norg boss Bronwen even did up a new avatar for the Real Kev Ruddy (please stand up) along the lines of the No Clean Feed protest piccies:


Bless! Things move quickly in the Twittscape!

It’ll be interesting to see how Kevs interacts with his “followers”.  Turnbull’s actually replied to people here and there, although you wonder how much they take on board.

Anyway. I’ll sure be watching. Will you?

Seriously, you guys, Twitter is the new Facebook. Sign up already!

Written by Sunili

12 November 2008 at 4:45 pm

Plurk v Twitter: the ultimate social-networking deathmatch

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As I mentioned yesterday, I’m being a total geek at the moment playing around with Web 2.0 sites. “Uh, what on earth are you talking about, you dorkus?” you ask?  Well, that link just before explains it in detail (hover for a super quick explanation) but basically, I’m talking about online services which allow people to create their own content, tweek things online in ways that suit the way people want to use the web and communicate online, and generally do all that fun stuff, but in ways that are way cooler than mIRC or stuff you may remember from high school (if you’re my age…).

Facebook will always be my first love, but like everything with the internet and technology, geeks around the world have been working hard to develop cooler ways to do things like simple communication, and if you blink, you might even end up missing a few steps along the way.


Last week I was planning on writing a posted snazzily entitled “Are You A Twit(erer)?” in a way to try and get people I know (mainly through Facebook!) to think about singing up to Tweet with me. Not that I don’t adore all the awesome Twitterers I’m following, cause you’re all swell, but I’d be nice to send messages to my mates too. But maybe they’re just not geeky enough. I dunno. But I was hoping it’d catch on the way Facebook seems to have.

What I love about Twitter is that it incorporates my fave aspects of Fb: status updates and Wall posts.  (It’s possible that when the new, cleaner Fb interface goes live I may love it even more, but my biggest problem at the moment is that it’s blocked at work. Boo.) You can “tweet” about what you are doing and you can @[username] reply to people while still in the one main interface. (Check out this post for a more comprehensive overview.)

It’s been called “micro-blogging” because it’s a micro web-log (well… duh) of your life and your little conversations with friends.  Then just this week I found Tumblr, which I think is a greeeeat service, which is essentially “mini-blogging” as you can post things a little more substantial that 140 character posts, and I love that I can integrate my blog and my Twitter feeds into it as well as posting fun pictures and quotes and links I find without having to do up a whole whopping blog-post.

Then yesterday, people on Twitter were twittering about this Plurk thing.

Wait. What?

Yeah. PLURK.  Apparently it’s some new Twitter thing. 

So, because I’m a sucker, I joined (not long after I joined ThisNext…).  I played around… I posted a plurk… I tried to look for people (but couldn’t … apparently they’re not making the search feature live til it’s 100% … or something, see more info here)… played around with customizing my profile… and you know what?

I liked it!


Which totally threw about my plans for that snazzily-titled post about Twitter.

Then I was sitting in Court today without access to anything online (I KNOW! Can you even IMAGINE?) and started doodling (but it’s ok, doodling in a Moleskine) a pro/cons list for Plurk v Twitter (I figured that’s kinda legal related!).  I got back to post about it all at lunch time, when I saw a plurk by one of my new plurk friends saying he’d posted on why he likes plurk better like FIFTEEN MINUTES BEFORE! Damn.

Told you: blink and you’ll miss it!

There is lots of other chatter in the blogosphere about the whole debate which is all really quite clever and much better thought-out that what I have the ability to say, but I just wanted to add my two cents…

My 2¢

The good things about Twitter: it’s really simple to use; there are heaps of other apps you can use to access it (like BeTwittered, which I use on iGoogle); it’s relatively easy to find and follow people.  Blogger updates and links to fun sites are the most useful.

The bad things about Twitter: it fricking crashes all the time; it’s hard to follow lots of people and, moreover, conversations; the @[usernames] uses up characters.

Plurk, on the other hand, makes it really easy to follow conversations, because all the individaul plurksare displayed on a timeline. The flash interface is also really dynamic and fun.

So far, Plurk is really new and they’re working on improving things but here are some things I would like to see:

  • the timeline going left to right. But maybe I’m a cultural dunderhead and should apprecite how Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic etc languages read right to left;
  • a search function;
  • the ability to drag people (or click photos to select them to move) into “cliques” (groups) rather than having to type out names;
  • a way to pick specific plurks to follow updates on, instead of being notified of x-hundred new plurks/updates when you log on after a couple of hours.

I had thought maybe there should be groups/plurkmunities so you can join, but I think it makes sense that you plurk your own clique to start a conversation with them, and that you use facebook groups or some other service to organise events and that kinda thing — I realise that Plurk is not the right envrionment for them.

Origionally the “karma” thing irked me, but now it’s not so annoying. And hey, I’m Buddhist — I dig karma 😀

What do you think? Are you on Twitter or Plurk? If not either, do you think you might be interested in joining or or the other (or both)?

The bottom line

I really like being able to follow updates from bloggers and services announcing new posts or happenings on Twitter, but I think I would prefer having people I know well with my on Plurk — there’s more of a “community” thing happening there, and I don’t think I particularly have time to follow random 1-line conversations of people I don’t know well (or at all).

That was more than a line, and now I’m going to get offline and hang out with the people I care about in the real world. Because as cool as the second incarnation of the internet has gotten, there’s nothing better than a real hug in the real world.


PS: but despite the above paragraph, I’d love to be you friend on Plurk, so join me 🙂

Written by Sunili

6 June 2008 at 11:04 pm


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My online world is all aflutter at the moment … I’m twittering, I’m tumbrling, and of course, facebooking … then today I started plurking!  I know, I know, I have an addictive personality and I am totally Web 2.0verloading.

But, thanks to a link over at Sandie Law‘s geeked off!, I have found what could possibly be the bestest, greatest online social networking site yet.

It combines my three favourite things in the world: writing, messing around online, and (drumroll) shopping!!!

It’s perfect for me. Utterly perfect.


Introducing (drumroll again) ThisNext.

It’s a site where you can:

  • Explore great product recomendations
  • Get personalised shopping suggestions
  • Rave about products you like

Their tagline?

Your product pluse impluse … because all income is disposable.


I can also make a wishlist which collects all the items I am lusting after from all over the web.  Which could be handy for, say, my birthday coming up in a couple of months! *nudgenudgewinkwink*

OK, it’s in August. I’m probably getting a little too excited.

I know I’m trying to save money and and not be too consumerist and stuff, but hey, there’s link to eco shopping and stuff.

Oh, so also, I have decided that for my recommendations, I’m going to rate things out of 5 xo’s. Because that is suitably appropos since they have a link to Gossip Girl fashion from the main menu.

Anyway. I hope all you gals reading this via Facebook sign up and add me as a friend, so we can be all gaggly and silly together. My profile is here.

Mwah 😉

Written by Sunili

5 June 2008 at 5:54 pm

analysing facebook

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So, as we all know, is the almighty and undeniable source of accurate and useful news report. As we also know, I like irony. But I am still dumb enough to read it every day (and check it several times a day, shame shame shame) because while ABC is great (seriously), it’s kinda dry and I need some amusement in my daily internet intake with which I can remind myself that at least I am not as ridiculous as heaps of other people.

Anyway, head image this morning:


Unfortunately, there is no more juicy goss on that Spitzer hooker, that swimming chick, that horrible-skinned guy with the bad sunglasses, or that pudgy hitman fellow.

Damn. I was hoping I would be reminded of their names again, cause their fifteen minutes seems like yeeeeeears ago and I have no idea who they are now.

The story essentially gives a boring, extroverted psychologist air-time to say that if you update your profile a lot you are a boring, extroverted Facebooker.

Social networking analyst Laurel Papworth says there are hidden messages behind the overt displays of self-promotion on websites like Facebook or MySpace.

Status updates can show if someone is an extrovert or fishing for sympathy, she claims.

“The extrovert, they are always going to be updating because the world revolves around them and one can assume that means the world needs to know how they are feeling from minute to minute,” Ms Papworth told

No frick, Ferlock.

There are no “hidden messages” in status updates. You say what you want to say, when you want to say it.

I update fairly regularly, but I don’t need an assumingly self-anointed “Social Networking Analyst” to tell me about my personality type. I, as well as everyone who knows me knows I like talking about myself 😀 

What about you? Are you enlightened and self-actualised now that you know about your social networking habits? What are your social networking habits?


Written by Sunili

23 May 2008 at 7:50 am

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Freedom of Thought and Intellectual Freedom

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She‘s baaaaaaack!!

After her column a couple of weeks ago about how K-Rudd’s been doin‘ O-Kay (which left more than a couple of commenters asking, “Who are you and what have you done with the real Janet?”) Aunty Jan returns to doing what she does best: writing diatribes full of broad, sweeping statements that generally end with “It has happened in the US. It should be happening here.

This week’s thesis: “University is not the place to crush ideas”.

You’re soooooo right Aunty J. Of course it isn’t; High School is.

Sarcasm aside, I once again find myself agreeing with Janet.

Now, there’s a Facebook group called Law School: Where Idealism Goes to Die, but I promise my idealism is only slightly anemic rather than already cremated.

Mind you, my corporate-law coffin is pretty much ready and waiting for me (habour-views, satin lining and all!), but I’m not quite ready to lie down in it.

Anyway, my point is that I am certainly not one of the “group of Young Liberals” who are the subject of Albrechtsen’s current concerns (btw, as one commenter rightly points out, what counts as a ‘group’? 100? 50? 10? More than 2?). However, I do believe that “freedom of thought and intellectual freedom” (maybe articulated a little snappier) is one of the most important (if not the ultimate) tenet of a university.

However, I reckon that if JA really had her way, she’d just as biased for the Right as the Leftie Scum academics the Young Libs have a problem with. My fave comment from the blog is from Steve of Sydney:

Welcome to Janet Albrechtsen University. Please read the Charter for each of our faculties:

  • Business: Maximise profit. It doesn’t matter what you do to achieve it but it helps to use others in order to get there. Global warming doesn’t exist so pollute as much as you can.
  • Law: Screw the poor. The law is there to serve and protect the interests of the corporate state. All other matters are trivial.
  • Medicine: Survival of the fittest is how we should gear our health systems. Don’t waste money on improving public health because there is no such thing as “the public.” It’s everyone for himself.
  • Education: Our role is to churn out compliant but suitably skilled fodder for the business community.
  • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. This faculty is now permanently closed and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Science: Studies in this faculty to be geared at improving GM crop yields in semi arid parts of South Australia.
  • Architecture and Engineering: We will will teach you underlings how to design chic blocks of flats that will make good investments for those clever enough to pass our Business or Law degrees.
  • Theology: We operate from the premise that the world is 6,000 years old, that church and state must be blurred and Islam must not be examined, but simply crushed. This faculty is continually upgraded thanks to our friends and sponsors from the Hillsong Church.
  • International Studies. The US is unquestioningly a force for good in this world.

Full course fees, payable by your parents, are required at the time of enrolment. No “special considerations” will be entered into in ANY circumstances.

Hey!! That sounds reeeeeally familiar!!!

I often lament over the fact I have yet to attend a Real University, rather than one that (regardless of the rhetoric, trust me, I was there) pretty much ticks all the above boxes. My dreams of not having a HECS debt ended up becoming a Fee-HELP nightmare and I really don’t have many good things to say about the “University” of Notre Dame Australia.

I recently discovered ND had released an Academic Freedom Policy. And oh, what a glorious example of witty, ironic, sarcasm-based humour it is!!!!

At least I assume it is… ’cause this schizzle canno’ be fo‘ real:

1. The University of Notre Dame Australia … is an integral part of the world-wide group of great Catholic universities, and follows academic freedom norms which are common in all such universities.

5. The University hopes and anticipates that most of its students and staff will support and contribute to the context of Catholic faith and values within which it functions as an institution of higher learning.

6. The University must be a liberal and unfettered place where the basic values and beliefs of Christians are exposed, explained, researched, debated, freely challenged, and openly affirmed or rejected.

Can it?

Well, at least with such clear and unambiguous terms, not, we don’t have to worry about it being binding on anyone.

Cause it (specifically number six) certainly didn’t apply to the Vice Chancellor when The Quasi tried to debate the morning-after pill, in a”fair and balanced” way with perspectives of a female student and a member of the School of Philosophy (who has since resigned, along with pretty much all of the best academic staff ND ever pretended to have).

This year’s PROSH put it so perfectly:

Notre Dame: All the downsides of Catholicism, none of the benefits of university.


Written by Sunili

16 April 2008 at 8:19 am