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money, money, money

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When I was growing up (in my totally fun immigrant family) we always had to listen to Sinhalese songs on cassettes on any long drives. Lame. My little brother and I never got any of it so we were consequentially deprived of pop-music throughout our youth. (That’s probably why my brother thinks he is/wants to be a brother ie a gangsta rapper.)

Except for ABBA.

For some reason my parents had a couple of their tapes and listened to them sometimes (were they big in Sri Lanka, too?). Yeah, sure, we were growing up in the 90s, but it was nice to be able to know the language of car songs — even if they were from the 70s.

My favourite song is probably Mamma Mia, but everyone seems to be talking about cash and stuff these days, so I am going to go with this:

I work all night I work all day to pay the bills I have to pay
ain’t it sad
and still there never seems to be a single penny left for me
that’s too bad
in my dreams
I have a plan
if I got me a wealthy man
I wouldn’t have to work at all I’d fool around and have a ball


But from what I gather, it’s not so fun In A Rich Man’s World at the moment. And it’s probably worse that usual in a less-than-rich person’s, too.

I feel kinda out of the loop, though.

(Until, of course, I get evicted or have my rent spiked,) I don’t have to worry about feeding hungry tummies or paying off mortgages. I never invested in the stock market so the last month has been like very whatevs for me. And I paid off my credit card a couple of pay cheques ago.

So now, I just get more dollars miraculously deposited into my bank account than I actually “need” to spend in a fortnight.

And a wealthy man can go suck it, as I have no interest in (nor prospects of)  being an investment banker/drug dealer’s coke-addled trophy wife.

Because I have plenty of pennies left for me.  And that’s even after my direct debit to UNICEF has gone out.  AND, even though I’ve never reeeally been a good saver, I am also saving 16% (which > 10% suggested amount) of my pay because I’ve set it to be popped over to my savings account by my employer. (Thanks for the tip, Grendel!!!)

I am quite, quite lucky, I know I am. And I know I could lose my job (but frankly… I won’t complain too much right now… hah) and things could get really bad, and stuff, but I am a good Buddhist, I know this too will pass [also apparently a Jewish story??] and I’ll deal with that when I get there.

But what now?

I suppose I could save more (but that’s kinda boring)… or give even more to charity (maybes I can buy two Big Issues a fortnight??).  But with all this talk about consumer confidence dropping and economic stimulus packages and stuff, I’m thinking: welp. Mayhaps I might go get an iPod at lunch time?


DJ’s and Myer haven’t got the 16GB size I want, JB Hi-Fi haven’t got the right colour (dude, I am not like gonna just throw the cash away on one I don’t actually like!) and the knobs at DigiLife didn’t seem interested in selling me anything either.

W. T. F.

So, back at the office, I tried to order one online, but IT FROZE LIKE 5 TIMES and then when I rang the Apple Store, and patiently went through 3 recorded menus, I was told (by a recorded message, of course) that the Apple Store’s Opening Hours Are — [this is where I slammed the phone down].

Um… hello?


I am just trying to be a Good Capitalist Denizen (™).

Why can’t I do that?

What is the universe trying to tell me? That capitalism sucks, or something?

What. What?


Written by Sunili

14 October 2008 at 6:22 pm

New Financial Year Resolutions

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So I totally don’t get it why we have to have to have the “new” Financial Year starting in the MIDDLE of a regular year, but whatever. I suppose it gives me a second go to set up some of those silly resolutions about improving your life and what not.

I was on holiday this New Year, and I had no intention whatsoever of wasting time coming up with resolutions. Or maybe I did, but I if I did, I’ve forgotten them so let’s pretend they never existed.


I will use this arbitrary date to think about arbitrary life goals…

Goal One: Save Money

For what? I dunno. A house maybe? Although at current market rates, the word “house” may require a mention in an interpretation clause that refers to kennels in order for the phrase “save enough money to even think about a deposit for a house” to logically make sense.

I’d like to take a holiday somewhere nice … Melbourne particularly since there’re are a bunch of people I want to visit over there, but I don’t think there are any flights 😛

So we’ll leave the What for later and look at the How, shall we?

I could stop buying nice coffee; I could stop buying new clothes; I could stop going to the theatre; I could stop buying books and go to the library instead; blah blah blah.

That sounds horrible, doesn’t it?  Drinking Department-provided Nescafé, wearing the same boring suit every day, sitting at home reading books other people have probably taken to the loo with them.



I know, I know — frugality is the New Black, I should be totally more serious about this to save the world and the economy and stuff…

But the thing about black? It’s depressing.

So let’s scrap that and think of a new one…


Goal One: … … … ???

Nup.  I got nada.

A little help, guys?

Written by Sunili

1 July 2008 at 7:13 pm